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The Randian Flow Chart

Randian Goals 2014

1. Obtain and Keep Optimal Body Fat Percentage / Shape

Brad Zac Efron at around 11% body fat. Click images for bigger size.

Brad Pitt at around 10% body fat.

For me this means a weight around 200 lb (95kg), and it will be achieved with the fitness projects.

In fat percentage this means around 11%. Visually, this is well represented by actors Brad Pitt and Zac Efron.

2. Complete Refractive Laser Eye Surgery

No more glasses needed, and better proper vision with normal sunglasses.

3. Stop Using Nicotine *DONE*

Nicotine was never a really substance that I had problems to quit. However, I gained a couple of kilos when I stopped. This is the time where the Randian Year started.

4. Stop Drinking Coffee

Too much coffe increase cortisol levels and screw up your testosterone/estrogen levels. And it can even make you paranoid. At the start of the randian year, I was the second most severe addiction stage with caffeine, I didn't get alert by my daily cups of coffe, I barely managed to feel normal. Now I stick to green tea.

5. Bleech Teeth

5. Get Professional Photos

These measurements are reposted in the daily tweets in the right column.

How measurements are taken: (start value in parenthesis)
Weight: (101.6kg) Normal scale after peeing and before drinking anything in the morning.
Biceps: (L36cm:, R:37cm) Arm at 90 degrees.
Chest: (109cm) At nipples, after breeding out.
Neck: (40.5cm)
Waist: (98cm) between bellybutton and breast bone. Measure in the middle of exhaling.
Ass: (110cm) At widest point.
Thigh: (L:58cm, R:59cm) Measure 20cm up from knee.

Welcome to Randian Hero!

Galt's Gulch 2014-03-18

I hereby promise to do everything I can to follow The Randian Plan.

Daily Updates @randiantweets



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